Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy Knows How to Regain Male Potency after 50

How to Regain Male Potency after 50

Modern men rarely boast of excellent potency after the age of 50 despite the “saving” drugs, which can be purchased online without a prescription in any online pharmacy, such as Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy. The fact is that men do not like to talk about this intimate problem, and even when they reach the age of 50, they either tolerate impotence, or try to switch to something else.

In fact, men should not panic, because it’s not difficult to regain potency. Men just need to eat well, do sports and visit a doctor on time. And the male power will improve in the shortest time.

Why do I have erectile dysfunction?

How to revive strength? Before you start treatment, you need to find out the reason of low libido. Every man over 50 suffers from erectile dysfunction from time to time. At the age of 45, most men do not have problems. Only 10% of men suffer from weak potency in this period. But with age, the first sings of sexual impotence appear. Why is this happening?

  • Hormones. By the age of 50 the level of hormones in men strongly decreases. As a result libido decreases and erection becomes weak;
  • Problems with blood vessels. Malnutrition and poor lifestyle leads to plaques on the arteries that interfere with normal functioning of the body. The inflow of blood to the penis is no longer the same, and therefore the male power weakens;
  • Ecology, bad habits. The more a person is addicted to alcohol and drugs, the faster his body ages. Smokers get erectile problems much earlier if compared to men who lead a healthy lifestyle;
  • Lack of physical activity. Men with erectile dysfunction prefer a sedentary lifestyle which leads to potency disorders.

This does not mean that you refuse alcohol completely or start running around the house right now. You should change your life gradually, because at the age of 50 your life is just beginning. If you look at famous men over 60 (Tom Selleck, Robert De Niro, Harrison Ford, Patrick Stewart, Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins and others), you will see that they not only look good, but also lead an active lifestyle. Sean Connery is already over 80, but he still remains attractive and popular with young girls.

How to prevent erectile dysfunction?

  • The first step is to change your diet. Men over 50 should not abuse fried, smoked, salted, fatty foods. In general, you should stop eating harmful foods. Food causing a heart attack and leading to cholesterol is especially dangerous. It has a negative effect on the body and potency;
  • The diet should consist of vegetables, fruits, fish, bran, buckwheat and wheat porridge. Mayonnaise can be replaced with olive oil mixed with mustard and lemon juice. It is necessary to drink fresh juice daily;
  • Weight reduction is next on the list. The more weight you have, the worse your potency is. Fat can squeeze the ducts, through which blood enters the penis. As a result, erection does not occur. Erectile dysfunction occurs due to damage to nerve endings;
  • Men suffering from high blood pressure will need to learn how to control it, otherwise, they will not avoid problems with potency. Also, alcohol is very dangerous, it damages the liver and the nervous system;
  • Instead, you need to do sports. You can choose any activity: running, swimming, jumping rope. But you’d better avoid riding a bike and horseback riding. Excessive pressure on the area between the scrotum and the anus leads to erectile problems;
  • The next thing to do is learn how to control testosterone levels. After the age of 50, it often falls, resulting in a low sexual desire. A man should refuse anabolic drugs. Usually, athletes and bodybuilders use them on a regular basis, but they do not know that this reduces testicles and their ability to produce testosterone;
  • Smoking has a negative effect on potency too. This leads to damage to blood vessels and violates blood flow to the penis. Vessels begin to contract, the blood flow slows down. It takes one year to recover from smoking;
  • Often, erectile dysfunction is associated with “wrong” sex. Too aggressive thrusts during sexual intercourse, “dry” sex, compression of the penis – all this can lead to tissue damage. That is why the partners are recommended additional lubricants, gentle movement, condoms;
  • Stress is another cause of erectile dysfunction. You need to learn how to relax not only physically, but also emotionally. This is very difficult, especially if you have problems at work or in the family. If you can not revise your views on life, you should contact a specialist who will put everything in order.

What foods should I eat to regain potency after 50?

The so-called aphrodisiacs are products that cause a sexual desire contain vitamins (A, E, B), which improve the transmission of nerve impulses. To have better potency, you need to use:

  • Lean meat, eggs. The male body can’t function without protein. But do not eat too many eggs;
  • Honey and products of beekeeping. Perhaps, this is one of the best natural remedies for better potency;
  • Natural wine. We mean 1-2 sips before dinner, but not a glass or a liter. Natural wine expands vessels and improves blood circulation;
  • Vitamins. Zinc is one of the basic substances necessary for the production of testosterone. You can’t get the necessary amount of vitamins with foods, so you’d better buy vitamins from Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy. But you need to consult a specialist before using them;
  • Fish. It contains phosphorus, which also improves the production of sex hormones.

If you learn how to eat properly, you can forget about the erectile problems.