Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

Canadian Neighbor PharmacyCanadian Neighbor Pharmacy is a drug-store chain. The headquarters is located in Burnaby, Canada. There is one local department in Canada as well but in another city, in Brossard. International Orders Department is situated in Austin, the USA. There is also one more office in Los Angeles, the USA. Each department has its own feedback namely phone number and e-mail account. If you have questions you can choose more convenient way to ask them and the qualified specialists give you full answers.
The main aims of Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy is not far from other companies that are low prices and significant service. You can ask how to achieve it, each day the company should try to find the ways for developing itself. For satisfying the customers’ wishes we have created a web site including all our possibilities. There the customers can find the information about “About Us”, “How To Order”, “Delivery”, “F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)”, and “Contact Us”.

As you know there is a proverb sounding as opinions differ. Of course, we can’t satisfy the demands of all people, but we have our regulars who use our service constantly. Here you can read a comment of our constant customer.
“Hello, Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy is a drug-store I visit regularly. I am quite satisfied with their service. Once I ordered a great number of drugs, but there was some problem with the purchase payment. My credit card number wasn’t accepted by their electronic system. I tried to find the way out by my own efforts, but everything was in vain. I called to the main office and they found a solution. After some seconds the problem was fixed.
I want to add that the parcels are delivered sheduled every time I make orders. You don’t need to wait more than fixed date the order must be delivered. Really speaking I have no free time at all, I am a workaholic, I am constantly at my working place that’s why it is very comfortable to use the service of the web site to make orders. It helps you to save time and to be careful of your own health. This is why I appreciate the work of Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy. Thank you! Command the service of this drug-store chain and you won’t regret it!”