Erectile Dysfunction: Risk Factors and Treatment Options


Erectile dysfunction is typical for men over 60, although sexual problem also occur in young men. This condition almost completely excludes full-fledged sexual intercourse, but we can speak about erectile dysfunction only if failures occur in a quarter of cases.

To successfully treat erectile dysfunction, you need, first of all, determine the cause of erectile dysfunction and characteristic symptoms. Of course, you can not do this at home, you need a doctor’s consultation. Basing on the results, he will be prescribe the conservative therapy with natural methods for regaining potency (exercises, drugs, folk remedies, etc.), or surgery. You should remember that erectile dysfunction can be rarely treated at home, you will need the help of a doctor.

A little about anatomy and physiology

Fortunately, modern men can find thematic photos explaining the nature of erectile dysfunction on the Internet, articles about impotence from Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy or a video with stories about impotence from leading sexologist doctors. You can see them in a relaxed atmosphere at home and find out why erectile dysfunction is “terrible” .

A sexual desire is caused by the following mechanisms:

  • Reflex mechanism: arises in the process of direct contact with the penis;
  • Erotic stimulus. It acts through the nervous system and the brain.

The penis consists of one spongy and two cavernous bodies that have their own system of blood vessels that are not directly connected and are supplied with blood through their own arteries.

During sexual excitation, the arteries widen, and the veins, on the contrary – sharply narrow. After that, a large amount of blood accumulates in the lacunas of the penis, which contributes to erection.

Types of pathology

There are several types of erectile dysfunction, which allows the doctor to understand in detail the causes of weak potency and prescribe the appropriate treatment:

  • Psychogenic erectile dysfunction. It is causes by numerous stresses, overloads, complicated relations between partners. With this type of erectile dysfunction morning erection is preserved, and sexual intercourse is not difficult;
  • Organic. This type of erectile dysfunction is characterized by a constant increase in symptoms. This condition is associated with the gradual development of internal diseases. A man should undergo an examination and start treatment of the underlying pathology as soon as possible. Some drugs can also cause erectile dysfunction. Pathology is characterized by the absence of nocturnal erections, weak erection, but libido and ejaculation are preserved;
  • Mixed. The reasons for this erectile dysfunction are very numerous.

According to statistics, in 20% of cases the causes of erectile dysfunction are psychological, but in other cases the pathology indicates serious internal diseases, which can not be treated at home. Treatment of erectile dysfunction requires the help of a specialist.

Pathological condition: types

The intimate problem makes many men keep silent, ignore the doctors in every possible way and treated erectile dysfunction at home taking pills or stimulant preparations. In many ways, this is supported by the reviews of “those suffering from erectile dysfunction,” who used drugs and completely forgot about sexual problems.

Remember: often, the symptoms of erectile dysfunction are only the “tip of the iceberg”, concealing cardiovascular pathologies or diabetes mellitus, therefore, when reading such kind of reviews, one must remember that each organism is individual. Some men can be cured with the help of drugs from Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy, and others need exercises for potency.

Pathology is divided into the following types:

  1. Primary (congenital). A man has never had a successful sexual act;
  2. Secondary. A man has no sexual problems up to a certain point, but they emerge later.

The main complaints of men with erectile dysfunction are about weak excitement, which simply does not allow to have sex. There are also cases of strong arousal with erectile dysfunction, but it immediately disappears after an attempt of having sex.

The main reasons for erectile dysfunction:

  • Overwork;
  • Psychological problems;
  • Somatic diseases and so on.

Men should not be embarrassed, they need to realize that the symptoms of erectile dysfunction is a sign that a man should not postpone the visit to a doctor.
Clinical signs

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction:

  • Symptoms of decreased libido (lack of desire for physical intimacy as a result of bad relationship between partners, hormonal imbalance, lower testosterone levels).
  • Symptoms of vascular disorders, psychological factors lead to penile flaccidity.
  • Symptoms of poor ejaculation and orgasm (anorgasmia). This symptom in most cases is associated with psychological disorders.

Lack of mutual understanding between partners can be associated with changes in the functioning of hormonal, cardiovascular systems or mental illness. Each of these options requires a special treatment.

Causes of erectile dysfunction in young men

Why Do Young Men Have Erectile Dysfunction

Endocrine diseases

Hypogonadism is a functional testicle failure, accompanied by a decrease in testosterone levels (signs: a change in the voice, fat deposits in the chest, hips and buttocks). Such symptoms indicate a very severe stage of hormonal abnormalities. Endocrine problems can arise due to a pituitary tumor (high prolactin production), which is diagnosed by CT and hormone analysis.

Medicinal factors

Potent drug used in the most serious diseases associated with risk to life (for example, cancer). Frequent use of any narcotic drugs, antihistamines, and alcohol can weaken erection. Sometimes erectile dysfunction occurs if a man exceeds the dosage of the drug.

Neurological diseases

Neurological disorders include: epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, injuries and surgeries on the brain and spinal cord, small pelvis and perineum.

Heart disorders

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction also occur if there are cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, atherosclerosis).

In addition, there may be other causes of erectile dysfunction. These include: surgeries on the spinal cord, brain, the pelvic region.

Vascular disorders

Signs of vascular pathology may indicate a vasculogenic erectile dysfunction. Any changes in the outflow of blood can provoke an erection disorder. Thus, with a rapid venous outflow of blood, excitation occurs quickly, but it also disappears quickly, and does not last for a long time, which can lead to premature ejaculation. But an insufficient arterial inflow, on the contrary, does not allow the penis to be excited to the desired state.

Nerve endings, passing through the prostate gland, are directly responsible for the erection. Therefore, with chronic prostatitis, signs of erectile dysfunction can develop at any age.

How to treat erectile dysfunction?

There are two treatment options for erectile dysfunction: surgical treatment and conservative drugs (pills, exercises, natural remedies, vacuum devices, vasoactive therapy, etc.). Drug treatment completely depends on the cause of erectile dysfunction:

  • Endocrine diseases. With hormonal disorders, therapy with tablets and gels gives a positive result;
  • Psychological problems. With a mild form of ED caused by overload, a man should have rest to regain potency. A psychologist can also help, sometimes the complex treatment is effective: psychosexual therapy and drug treatment;
  • Neurological pathology. Treatment is aimed at eliminating the underlying disease;
  • Anatomic abnormalities. With abnormal development of the penis, only surgical treatment is indicated.

Three medication treatment have gained positive reviews:

  1. Tablets for oral administration from Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy. There are several types of tablets that differ in the time of action and side effects;
  2. Intracavernous injections are indicated in those cases when tablets are contraindicated for various reasons;
  3. Means of various groups. Popular drugs include adaptogens, sedatives, biostimulants, vitamins, amino acids, phytopreparations.

If the drug treatment has not yielded positive results, alternative treatment methods can be prescribed:

  • Vacuum treatment. Usually used in old age, vacuum allows you to increase the flow of blood to the penis;
  • Surgical intervention. Performed to restore normal blood flow in the penis, the effectiveness is estimated at 80%;
  • Prosthetics. It is a radical treatment, 100% effective, the artificial penis can hardly be distinguished from the natural one. The operation is performed in the case when it is necessary to restore the veno-occlusal mechanism. The prosthetics is used in the diagnosis of vasculogenic ED, cavernous fibrosis or diabetes mellitus.