How to Increase Male Potency: Effective Ways by Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

increase potency

The ability to achieve full sexual intimacy, which is characterized by a quick erection and the duration of sex reflects the state of sexual potency. Its imbalance can affect the male body at any age, which is associated with the impact of various negative phenomena.

Unstable potency can have temporary symptoms, appear and disappear, or be stable over a long interval. How to increase potency naturally? For this purpose, you should use recommendations for restoring men’s health provided by Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy.

How to increase potency at home?

The main goal is to eliminate the causes of weak erection. One way to increase potency is to reconsider your attitude to bad habits. Nicotine and regular alcohol consumption are the main factors suppressing the natural synthesis of testosterone, the male hormone, the normal level of which helps maintain a stable erection.

First of all, you should correct the general state of your body, not to be subjected to excessive stresses, exclude excessive work, quit sedentary work that causes the formation of stagnant phenomena in the reproductive area.

Best ways to increase male potency

To determine the best way of regaining potency, you should restore erectile imbalance, identify the factors that caused the problem. They include not only natural aging, as most people think, but also psychoemotional overloads, frequent stresses, overwork, excessive body weight and others.

To increase potency, you will need to normalize the natural level of potency:

  • adjust the diet, eat more foods that improve potency;
  • do special exercises for male potency;
  • buy pills for erectile dysfunction in Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy, try physiotherapy.

Only the profile expert can choose the most effective way of regaining potency. In some cases, to solve the problem, you will need to combine several treatment directions. Most experts recommend combining drugs, physical activity and a balanced diet.

What foods increase potency?

To adjust the weight, the most optimal option is to change the diet. Choose products that normalize metabolic processes and split excess fatty tissue, they include:

  • peanuts, nuts, pistachios, their daily amount in the diet should be at least 100 g;
  • citrus fruits, figs, pomegranates;
  • all varieties of onions – onions effectively restore hormonal imbalance and activate sexual desire;
  • rye bread, mushrooms, nettles, pumpkin seeds;
  • dandelion and turnip;
  • cheese, cream, sour cream, cottage cheese;
  • meat, low-fat varieties of large and small livestock;
  • fish, namely flounder, mackerel;
  • mussels, shellfish, crustaceans and shrimp – products containing selenium, zinc and minerals improve sexual activity;
  • peanut, linseed, olive, fish oil;
  • celery and parsley, spinach and cilantro;
  • honey with nuts.

Alcohol-containing beverages in small doses have a stimulating effect on male potency. But beer should be excluded: it activates the synthesis of estrogens in the male body and suppresses the erectile function.

Drugs that increase potency

There is a variety of drugs that increase potency. Side effects are insignificant and rare. But excessive use of medications can cause a psychological dependence, when a man does not dare to start a sexual act without pills.

Tablets that increase potency are divided into several groups:

  • on the basis of cantharidin;
  • complex with yohimbine;
  • restorative action.

They increase the flow of blood through the vasculature to the genitals, relax the smooth muscle tissue, expand cavernous structures, strengthen the erectile capacity. You can quickly increase potency at home with the following medicines:

  1. Viagra (sildenafil citrate);
  2. Cialis (tadalafil);
  3. Levitra (vardenafil).

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How to increase potency naturally?

Recipes that have existed for several decades and tested by several generations have proven effectiveness, since their ingredient composition has only natural components. Herbal remedies does not have side effects and provide a lasting and lasting result.

The best natural recipes for treating erectile dysfunction:

  • water tincture of garlic, it purifies the vasculature, stimulates blood flow;
  • a mixture of walnuts with honey activates the synthesis of testosterone, strengthens erection and sexual desire;
  • tincture of ginseng increases stress resistance, helps restore normal erectile function.

Natural remedies should be combined with a proper diet, which should be balanced and diverse to satisfy the necessary energy needs of the male body.

Preventive measures for increasing potency

In order not to think how to improve male potency, you should, first of all, exclude the factors that weaken erection. For this purpose, experts recommend the following tips:

  • control your emotional state;
  • discuss all the exciting moments of sexual life with your partner;
  • follow the rules of intimate hygiene;
  • do not abuse drugs that increase potency.

Follow these recommendations, and your potency will quickly increase.